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The Story...


HOUSE of BEC is a story of chance, experimentation, bravery and a healthy dose of optimism. It was not long after I arrived from London that I found myself in a beautiful new jewellery shop in the mall in Newcastle, Australia. There was a sign advertising jewellery making classes and perhaps the moment I read those words was when this growing business was conceived. Having studied a conceptual Fine Art degree in the UK I had a longing to put my hands to work once again.

The jewellery is a collaboration of design between nature herself and the eye and vision of the maker. I love the poetry of turning something fleeting and changeable into something solid and lasting, taking a living plant into a metal form. I like to think of the design process as floristry in silver. 

The pieces are made from recycled silver and gold and with the intention that it will carry you through all seasons, aiming to be timeless and of course, always beautiful.


Bec xo

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