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Meet Ellis

It's been a long long while since I spent time in this space and with good reason. Meet Ellis, he is 8 months old now, trying to stand, loves to wave, blows kisses and adores his big brother! 

Being a mum to a newborn has felt like going right back to the start all over again. My eldest is 8 years so it's been a while! It's been wonderful to slow down after such a fast paced year last year and I've been enjoying the simplicity of caring for a baby and not putting pressure on myself. I didn't want to be working and caring for Ellis and end up resenting them both so I took it slow. I now have one day a week when Ellis is in daycare so will hopefully be making a few pieces of jewellery here and there. 


I've updated my shop to reflect what I have in stock but if there is something you'd like and are able to allow me a few weeks to make it please do get in touch. 


You can also find stock in the gorgeous Studio Melt who have a selection of my work in store. 


With love,


Bec xo 

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